behind the merch

 meet hilary j. corts, the breastie behind our merch production! 


hilary is a 30-something new yorker at heart who lives and works as an artist in los angeles.
after finding a benign lump at age 20, hilary and her mother (a 25-year breast cancer survivor!) discovered they're both carriers of the brca-2 gene mutation. in 2016, hilary chose to have a preventive double mastectomy with latissimus dorsi flap/implant reconstruction, and she followed it up with a bilateral salpingectomy in 2018. she has joined forces with nicole garcia to bring the breasties community to southern california through socal breasties.

as a former tour manager and merch gal for various bands, hilary is no stranger to keeping things organized in tight spaces.
our tiny operation is run out of her apartment (for now!) and every order is packed with love.